Welcome to WigWam.

Ever heard that expression that passion is the fuel behind a successful career? We’re not one for cliches, but when it’s true, well – it’s true.

We’ve been passionate about matching ideal candidates to roles they love, and injecting talent into ambitious companies for years. Success in our books isn’t just about a position filled. It’s about making sure both parties are happy. Because happier workforces’ power successful companies.

Wigwam’s magic.

Wigwam is not a job board. And we’re not your standard recruitment agency either. The wigwam magic happens behind the scenes. We dive into our candidate base to identify what people are looking for. We then marry this with positions supplied by our partners. Yes, we do use tech to start (who doesn’t) but the real story begins with what happens in the background. Matchmakers dedicated to making people happy in their work lives.

Our culture.

We believe core values are a set of fundamental, strategically sound beliefs that are based on truth. They are what set a company apart from the rest because, if integrated correctly, they become more than words on a poster. They become an integral part of the company’s culture.

We are TalentLED.

We’ll use our talent to maximise yours.

We’re Intuitive.

Future driven instinct and past experiences make us quick to identify opportunity.

We Inspire.

We want to encourage and nurture ideas, helping change someone’s mindset for the better.

We can and Will.

We will never stop generating possibilities for people.

Just the right touch of Crazy.

Staying grounded keeps us true to our word. But we just have fun doing it.

Meet the team.

Whilst talking about how long we’ve been in this business might make us feel a little old. The years have also given us some of the best industry insight as well. So, we’ll take a few wrinkles and grey hairs along the way - so long as the outcome is giving you the best of the best, when it comes to our matchmaking talent.

Karl Chetcuti Bonavita

Married with a beautiful baby girl.

My biggest strengths have always been high power networking mixed in with a love of problem solving. I love to talk and meet new people. Making friends and doing business always go hand in hand.

Recruitment has been my entire professional life, straight out of school and into the frying pan. With more than 20 years in the industry I worked for some of the biggest banking institutions in London and Frankfurt. We now came to open in Malta with a mission to offer the service and benefits of hiring the absolute best candidates available in the most efficient way, empowering businesses and people who drive it. People are what make the companies. Investing in getting the best available is a must.

David Ozi Borg

Two work passions in life, radio, recruitment. And I have been doing both for more than 20 years. Some would say my mouth is my greatest asset (make of that what you will), I like to think it’s my brain. In any case my ability to make people feel comfortable around me has served well. Family man, entertainer, business enthusiast. I want to see all our projects be as successful as they can be.

Having worked for 18 years in executive recruitment for the London, Frankfurt, Milan and Paris Investment banking markets, my desire has always been to bring the level of recruitment I know to the Maltese market. Helping to service old friends whilst having the opportunity to make a whole load of new ones.

Steve Mercieca

Married to my best friend, father to 2 magical daughters. Part of an awesome team driven by a purpose and focused on efficiency. Striving to make the planet greener and a place where education is available to all. A planet we are borrowing from our children and their children.

I love recruitment because I believe life is too short to be doing something you don't enjoy. I enjoy finding people the right place in life and I thrive off seeing business grow.